Our Services!

Offering products is only part of what we do, here is an abbreviated list of our services.



Besides offering a variety of software solutions, we also have a number of other ways we help you get achieve your business, professional, and personal goals.

System Design

We use systems in nearly every moment of our life. Most of them are unseen. A lightswitch is a system. Your cell phone is a conglomeration of systems. When you walk into Starbucks, you are part of the system. System Design is a fundamental piece of successful business ownership. Imagine that there are two ways to approach business, one is whatever feels right, and the other is systemcatically planning every interaction you have to ensure a predictable result. Which one do you think helps you make more money?


Sales Training

"How much is too much to charge?"

This is just one of the questions we ask when we're helping develop your sales staff. Do you know the answer? One way to answer is this..."one dollar more than the most they're willing to pay". Which piece of the sales process is completely out of your control? What's the best way to answer a question? If your sales are down, or lacking, what do you need to work on the most?

Sales training is not about sitting people in a room and talking to them about selling. To increase sales is a challenging task, which is made even harder when you really need sales. Said another way, the need for sales training is, by itself, an indicator of a bigger problem.


Database Implementation

Database is not a sexy word. But if you use excel, or if you have a list of contacts, you have a database.

Most businesses are missing the value of a relational database. This means a place where you can keep an unlimited number of details about an item and then reference that item through it's common id # across a variety of lists of additioanl data.

How this applies to your business is that there's power in the data. Not only is this extremely useful for building and growing the business, but it's also absolutely essential when it comes to evaluting the data and looking for patterns.

Here's an example...one company we were working with had a list of prospects, but they had no way to track how long the time was before the prospect became a client. They also didn't know what percentage of their prospects came from which sources, which sources produced the most revenue, which prospects referred which other clients, how many times they emailed the prospect before they got a response, etc. By implementing a relational database, they know can see which source is the best producing and then they can pour their marketing dollars directly towards those leads.


Tech Consulting

Understanding techonolgy is like understanding spanish. If you can't translate, you're going to be lost in a conversation.

We are computer translators. We know how to hear what you need, and then tell that to a computer in a way that the computer can do exactly what you need, 100% of the time, 100% correctly. If you've ever applied for a home loan, you understand the power of speaking a specific industry's language. Tech consulting is like that. Maybe you need more ram, faster processors, monitors with more resolution, a faster switch or a WAP, better hold music, cheaper toner, a high speed scanner, a phone tree, or an iPad.

We evaluate your needs, look at your current setup, and make our recommendation. If you want us to go to the next step, we purchase (at the best deal we can find, possibly ebay or craigslist), install, configure, and train how to use whatever solutions you choose.


Custom Software Solutions

This is our bread and butter. We've identified software as a base solution upon which you can build the rest of your enterprise.

Besides RhapidPro.com, RhapidLegal.com, and RhapidLoan.com, we also have several other platforms. We can custom design an entire office suite, or a single use application. One of our clients asked us to build a guitar app that will allow you to learn the notes on the strings of a guitar. Another client was looking for a scheduler to help manage the work schedules of employees of his 5 location restaurant chain.

Whether you want to use an exisiting product, purchase some new software, or have something custom built, we do it all.


Marketing Assistance

Without sales, you're sunk. Sales are a direct result of marketing. These two things should be obvious. What's not sometimes obvious is what actions fall into these categories, and what skills you need to maximize them. Whether you're looking at a postcard campaign, an email campaign, tv commercials, marketing videos, PPC adverstising, or writing a book, we've done it all and we know how effective it is.

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Drip Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Newsletters
  • Logos and Branding
  • Sponsorships
  • Tchotchkes and marketing widgets


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