Our Research

Our research begins by mapping out a detailed plan for collecting data. All research is conducted by phone or in-person and the results are stored in a relational database. The interview questions are designed to understand how each particular firm is addressing the issue of lack of communication.

The results are then analyzed so any non-relevant data is eliminated.

Statistical analysis is performed to arrive at some initial conclusions.

Once there are some initial conclusions, we then pose some hypothesis, and conduct further study to back up, or prove false our theories.

Finally, once we are satisfied of the validity of our research, we publish the results and make them available to the American Bar Association as well as state bar associations.

Of course, evaluating something as technically challenging as communication is always going to have some level of speculation. Becuase of this, we make every effort to evaluate based on facts, and leave the opinions up to the consumers and members of the legal profession.