Our Mission

Having spent nearly two decades building businesses, we know one thing for certain; Lack of effective communication is a major cause of client dissatisfaction. In fact, both Washington State Bar Association and Oregon State Bar Association published results in 2011 citing Lack of Communication as a major reason for complaints filed against their members. In the practice of law, not only can it be stressful not to be informed, but in some cases, it can be detrimental, and possibly disasterous. Since we work with law firms on a daily basis, and we also submit articles to bar associations around the country, we are using our knowledge and resources to help consumers and attorneys to communicate more effectively and to impact businesses nationwide.

Our Research

Next to Theft and Trust Account violations, Communications are the next major cause of disciplinary actions for Attorneys in both Oregon and Washington. We haven't contacted all the bar associations, but we suspect this is the case everywhere. We are currently doing research for a report we will be submitting nationally regarding how attorneys in Washington and Oregon are addressing this issue.


2011 Lawyer Discipline System Annual Report

Oregon State Bar Bulletin 2012 Bar Counsel Complaints About Oregon Lawyers