About Us!

If you are in business or working with people, or if you have things on your todo list, you need Rhapidlaw.com!


About Us

We started with the intention of running our own businesses, but quickly found out that everyone needs these things.

Who doesn't have a task list or a list of things to do? Do you have enough time and expertise to accomplish all of their tasks without any help? Most people don't. That's why we're here. Not only do we have an extremely organized and easy to use web interface, but we also provide the additional support in the form of customer service that nobody else does.

Having spent more than 15 years building and running companies from one man shops to over 100 employees, we know what it takes to be successful, and we bring this expertise to you in format, design, training, and delivery.

How We Do It

It starts with literallly disecting every piece of the process. Rarely does anyone have time to spend hours writing out flowcharts to diagram all the activities they do. But we do. That's why we're able to accomplish what we can so quickly and efficiently. If any part of our operation doesn't work perfectly, we go back to the diagram, identify the problem, fix the process, and then implement the solution. This is where we spend our time.

These days, we offer solutions for nearly every type of business. Whether you are a sales person working for an employer, trying to get your MLM downline built, or you are running your own boutique clothing shop, the basic essential functions remain the same, capture prospect data, drip them into a relationship, convert them to a client, upsell them, cross sell them, get referrals from them, track your income and expenses, analyze the data, tweak and hire when necessary, trim the fat, keep it lean, keep it small, keep it all. With the suite of Rhapid tools and our unbeatable service solutions, you'll be well on your way.

"...the simple truth about the greatest business-people I have known is that they have a genuine fascination for the truly astonishing impact little things done exactly right can have on the world." -Michael Gerber;The E-Myth

Our Purpose

  • We are passionate about children, music, and presence. Our community focus is on bringing acoustic guitars, and guitar lessons to children and parents of children who are at Children's Hospital. If you have a guitar to donate or would like to offer lessons, please contact us. We reach out to musicians through the Puget Sound region and not only encourage them to use us to help further their career, but also enroll them to participate in our vision of bringing music, creativity, and inspiration to sick children.

Our Team

  • Russ Shulman Coming from a financial background, Russ has built a mortgage company, a handful of retail and service business, and has spent the past several years building the SAAS (Software as a service) under the name Rhapid Results LLC.
  • Board of Advisors We draw expertise from a variety of industries, seeking advice from owner/managers of several successful companies.
  • Guidance We get much of our inspiration from Michael Gerber, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and Eckhart Tolle
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